Now is the Time to Run Ads

Hey, event gang. Just want to drop in here and say that if you are in the event space, it has never been a better time to run Facebook Ads. 

If you think about it, it's never been easier to actually get in front of people who are in the event space. 

No one in the event space right now is running ads. Actually, brands, people who run ads on Facebook in general aren't even really running ads as well. There's a huge amount of supply at the moment digitally, and there's a huge amount of demand as well.

So what I'd encourage you guys to do, if you've got a business, even if it's quiet at the moment, create a piece of content, something like a piece of content on a blog. It can be a video. It could be an article. It could be something about your services. It could be something about absolutely anything that's relevant to your business. Then simply create an ad on Facebook and run that to your ideal customers.

The reason I'm saying to do this is because it gets your brand out there and it gets some awareness out there about what you specifically do in a really cheap, low-cost way that adds skills to you and makes you more valuable as well, while testing and refining your knowledge of how it works, number one. But number two, it also helps you build awareness of your brand, so that when the event space snaps back into momentum, you have a little bit of goodwill, a little bit of equity of people who you've helped during this time. And number three, it's cheap as hell right now. Chuck up $10, $20, $30 against this, and that could turn into a contract worth five, 10, 15, 20 grand. It could be a recurring contract, for example. 

Really think about it right now, get some ads up. It sounds so counterintuitive, but nobody in the event space right now is advertising. 

Think about how incredible an opportunity that is. When do you have no competitors in market? This is your opportunity to do something that other people aren't doing, this is your opportunity to go against the grain, and this is your opportunity to jolt people a little bit and get them to think, 

"Why is this person advertising in the event space? What do they have to offer? I'm going to go and read about what this person is talking about." 

That could be absolutely anything. They go and consume your content, and what do you know? Suddenly you have another person who now knows about your brand, what you do, what you stand for as well.

So think about running ads right now. I know it sounds a little bit odd, I know it sounds a little bit counterintuitive, but that is exactly the reason you should test it. If nothing else, it builds your skillset. It increases your value in the market as well, to be someone who can actually run those ads. Have a think about it.

Drop any links to any content that you have in the comments below. I'd love to see what stuff you're working on, and let's get some ideas as well about what you could actually be able to run ads to. You'd be so surprised. It really is absolutely anything. Have an amazing day. 

Chat soon!

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